Emanuel Mathias



A Fist Full of Peanuts, soloexhibition

Installation, Performance
October 14, 2023, 7 p.m
Vernissage and artist talk (Moderation Timo Herbst)
Gallery Intershop Leipzig
Spinnereistraße 7, 04179 Leipzig
Exhibition duration October 15th – November 11th 2023
One-week performance: October 15 – October 21, 2023
Funded and supported by the Cultural Foundation of the Free State of Saxony, the Max Uhlig Travel Scholarship and the Ozouga Chimpanzee Project.
Curation: Timo Herbst
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Loango, C-Print 2023, ©Photo: Emanuel Mathias/ VG-Bildkunst Bonn, 2023

Fotoedition zum Bach-Jubiläum

As part of the Bachfest Leipzig 2023, an edition print from my long-term project entitled “Oh my back, my back, my Bach!” will be published for the first time.

The limited print entitled “J.S.B., Gott ist mein König, BWV 71, Nikolaikirche, 1708/ 2022” can be purchased in the Museumsshop of the Leipzig Bach-Museum.


Emanuel Mathias: J.S.B., Gott ist mein König, BWV 71, Nikolaikirche, 1708/ 2022, 2023, / C-Print behind folding Passepartout/ 21 x 13 cm, signed by the artist, Edition: 25


©Foto: Emanuel Mathias/ VG-Bildkunst Bonn, 2023

Publication, Leo S.Olschki Publishing House, Florence, 2022

Thanks to the Editor Andreas Metzner-Szigeth from the Free University Bozen, Italy and Leo S.Olschki Publishing House, Florence.

Emanuel Mathias, Different Modes of Recognition – A Visual Approach between Evolutionary Anthropology and the Arts,

In: Metzner-Szigeth, Andreas (ed.),

On the Interplay of Images, Imaginaries and Imagination in Science Communication,

Florence (Casa Editrice Leo S. Olschki) 2022, SCIENTIA atque USUS vol. 3,

ISBN 978 88 222 6871 6

Link Publishing House: https://www.olschki.it/libro/9788822268716

Voilà: Polyphon. Members exhibition of the BBK Leipzig 2023

Voilà: Polyphon. Members exhibition of the BBK Leipzig 2023

130 members of the BBK Leipzig e.V. present current positions in the fields of painting, graphics, hand drawings, photography, sculpture, objects and installations.

Vernissage and summer party // 23.05.23, 7 p.m.,

patronage and greeting // Barbara Klepsch, Saxon Minister of State for Culture and Tourism Runtime //

24.05. – 14.06.23 Opening hours // Wednesday to Saturday, 2 p.m. to 6 p.m

Venue // Werkschauhalle, 12, Leipzig cotton spinning mill,

Spinnereistraße 7, 04179 Leipzig

Further Informationens: https://bbkl.org/voila-polyphon-mitgliederausstellung/

loose ends, exhibition

 loose ends 

Alessa Brossmer · Emanuel Mathias · Viktor Petrov · Mara Sandrock · Marie Lynn Speckert  

Opening: 03.03.2023  


The exhibition “loose ends” deals with different aspects of artistic research. The five artists use installations, archive collections and material experiments to show different approaches and ways of thinking. To do this, they use interdisciplinary research methods in the fields of medicine, glaciology, materials science and anthropology.


Loose ends are the open ends that arise and accumulate in every work process. However, loose ends also points to the intermediate state in which the researching artists are constantly moving. They understand their way of working as a process that they constantly check, question and change and in which they oscillate between scientific facts and their artistic interpretations.


The exhibition wants to make the forms of artistic practice gathered here tangible for the visitors* and invite them to embark on this alternative form of the search for knowledge.  


Ausstellung: 04.03.- 19.03.2023

Opening times: Sat/Sun 15 – 18 p.m. Künstlerhaus Sootbörn Sootbörn 22 22453 Hamburg    



Image: Emanuel Mathias: research #1, (aus der Arbeit: On the Margins of The Field, ongoing), 2023, ©2023 Image: Emanuel Mathias/ VG Bildkunst, Bonn

Lumbung Lounge @Kulturbahnhof Kassel

Lumbung Lounge, Opening July 21st, at 6pm. Duration 22nd until 30th of July 2022 at Stellwerk Galerie, Kulturbahnhof, Kassel.


Curated by: @sitespecificideas and @guerillaarchitects


Through the installation Lumbung Lounge, the exhibition space of the Stellwerk Galerie in the Kulturbahnhof in Kassel will be brought back to its original state: a public waiting room. Via the installation work by Along the Lines and Guerilla Architects, the public is invited to engage with the topic of waiting as a collective moment.


Participating Artists:Arnis Aleinikovas, Raphael D. Aletsee, Kathrin Alischer, Isabella Silva Altemani, Julija Castellucci, Laure Catugier, Kai Fischer, Lisa Grosskopf, Karin Hochstatter, Luisa Hübner, Aleksandra Ianchenko, Geeske Janßen, Fumi Kato, Anna Kautenburger, Lise Kjaer, Dominik Lehmann, Daniela Lucato, Johanna Mangold, Emanuel Mathias, Daniel McKleinfeld, Lars Preisser, Klara Schnieber, Aleks Slota, St. & St., Jana Tost, Mateo Vargas, Sebastian Voigt, Gabriele Worgitzki, Hui Ye, Camilla Zeschick.


#movingchurch #coalmining #documentafifteen #structuralchange #videoart

Glasklar. Erich Glas. From Bauhaus to Kibbutz.

Opening: 24.January 6:00 p.m.

Erich Glas (1897 – 1973, Germany/Israel) und Yochai Avrahami (Israel), Luise Schröder (Germany), Emanuel Mathias, Melina Weissenborn
25.1 – 21.2.2020
Gallery Drei Ringe, Leipzig

Clara im Rückspiegel

Premiere in Leipzig of a modern musical performance that is based on the music and life of Clara Schumann. My Work Nebahats Sisters from 2011 will be shown as a prolog and epilog and beside this also functions as a ideas provider for the general enactement concept of the play. More Infos play: http://www.werkbuehne-leipzig.de/