Emanuel Mathias

Zzzzzzz, 2019

  • Zzzz“ (visitor) detail, Pongoland, zoo Leipzig, 2019
  • Zzzz, (visitor), 2019

Zzzzzzz, 2019

Photo Lightjetprints on Laboratory Windows, 333 x 187 cm, 2019.

Max-Planck Institut für evolutionäre Anthropologie Leipzig
Wolfgang-Köhler Zentrum Leipzig
D21 Kunstraum Leipzig

Yawning is a reflexive, instinctive behavior that appears to characterize all vertebrates. The cause and purpose of yawning are not yet fully understood. In addition to purely physiological causes, a communicative purpose plays an important role. The work includes large-format photographs of yawning humans and primates at Pongoland, at Leipzig Zoo, that is runned by the Wolfgang-Koehler Primaten Zentrum of the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig.