Emanuel Mathias



Research Trip Gabon

1.5.2020 – 21.5.2020. Visit of the Ozouga Camp, Loango National Park, Gabon. The Loango Chimpanzee Project (LCP) is lead by Max Planck Institute for evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig. The Reise travel is founded by the Bauhaus University Weimar, Art Academy Burg Giebiechenstein Halle and the MPI in Leipzig.

Glasklar. Erich Glas. From Bauhaus to Kibbutz.

Opening: 24.January 6:00 p.m.

Erich Glas (1897 – 1973, Germany/Israel) und Yochai Avrahami (Israel), Luise Schröder (Germany), Emanuel Mathias, Melina Weissenborn
25.1 – 21.2.2020
Gallery Drei Ringe, Leipzig